A NEW blog alternative amongst an already crowded list of blogs for Mets Fans

Can we get a few Pennants in the 2010's please?

Well, the end of the 2009 season is upon us Met fans and it could not have come any sooner. Our passion for New York’s National League baseball team is unquestionably strong, and we have quite a few blogs in the Met universe that we can both peruse for Met opinion and also vent our frustrations on. So why start a Mets blog now? This short history of my Mets fanaticism should explain why.

I was a Mets fan from birth (East Islip, Long Island) and kept my passion alive even after our family moved to Pennsylvania. When I wasn’t making the drive with my dad to Shea, we were cheering on the Mets whenever they played the Phillies at Veterans Stadium. Beginning in the late 90’s, I attended an amazing run of Mets games including the Benny Agbayani extra innings bomb, the grand slam single, and the only World Series game the Mets won in the past decade… Game 3 of the 2000 WS.

I attended college at Fairfield University in southern Connecticut and found of circle of fellow Mets fans to share the memories with. (There was more of a contingent of Yankees and Red Sox fans, but at least Phillies fans were few and far between) When I graduated, I moved back to Philadelphia to work and found comfort in the many Mets blogs available for us fans. This was especially true after the subsequent collapses of 2007 and 2008. With the bitter wrath of Phillies fans surrounding me, Matt Cerrone, The Mets Police, The Transplanted Mets Fan, and Faith and Fear in Flushing kept me in touch with my team and my fellow fans.

I’ve always toyed with the idea of blogging about the Mets, and fresh off a three game sweep to end an otherwise forgettable season, I somehow got the motivation to put my thoughts down.

And so I join countless other Mets bloggers in our fanbase and I invite you to read The Home Run Apple this offseason. There is still plently to write about, and the playoffs are underway. My posts may be less frequent than they would be during the season, but I plan on gaining momentum right in time for spring training.

There is so much to look forward to. The Mets HAVE to win more than 70 games next year, right?



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