Thank God the Phillies don’t have Yankee money.

I can't believe this guy's gonna be wearing an uglier uniform than a Blue Jays one next season.

As we all found out yesterday evening, the Philles completed a three team deal that sent Cliff Lee to the M’s, their top pitching, outfield, and catching prospect to the Jays, and Roy Halladay and two or three of the M’s top prospects to the Phils.

Details can be found on this ESPN article.

I for one was and am not really fazed by this move. If the Phillies could have afforded to eclipse the $150 million mark and kept Lee, then I’d be upset. But this isn’t the Bronx and money doesn’t grow on regional sports network trees. Without the 1-2 punch of Halladay-Lee, the Mets match up pretty much the same as they did in the second half of last year. Santana will even out the Halladay matchup and Hamels hasn’t bothered the Mets any in the past two years. The Phillies also gave up their top pitching prospect in Kyle Drabek and got Seattle’s top pitching prospect in return. This whole deal just sounds like a WASH to me. Relax Mets fans. We still have a similar ace at the top of our rotation.

What the Phillies did do here was create a bad situation for Omar “My Seat is Hot” Minaya. Hopefully, Minaya stays on an even keel and doesn’t do something crazy just to make a splash. We don’t need Molina for more than two years or Bay for more than five, Omar. Don’t pull an Atlanta and throw Derek Lowe money at a Jason Marquis just to add an arm. Stay calm and make your moves.

Just don’t screw up.


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