Jeff Francoeur’s Interview on The Fan… A+

The audio of the Jeff Francoeur interview can be found on WFAN

I thought he was very articulate and honest about both his time on the Mets last season and the upcoming season. He mentioned that the team has a desire to turn things around come spring training and they will be more motived than ever to win coming out the gates in April. He also is very optimistic about his teammates coming back from injuries and becoming a winning team again. He believes that the team is doing everything it can to fill the many holes left after 2009 and that they will succeed in improving over the next few months. Jeff is optimistic that the fans will have a team to be excited about come February.

Honestly, I really like Jeff’s attitude and optimism. I believe that Jose Reyes is definitely one of the guys Jeff mentions that is coming to Spring Training with a mission and desire to play as hard as is physically possible.

I also like what Francoeur said about playing for our hated rivals, the Phillies. To paraphrase, he said “Never, I don’t want to play in a place where a child is cussing at you giving you the finger.”

The team should continue to showcase players like Francoeur over the course of the off season. The positivity coming from interviews like this really helps deflect all the negative energy that fans and media are heaping on the Mets right now. Jeff has the winning attitude that our players need to exhibit this year more than ever.

Jeff is ready to prove the doubters wrong this spring.


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