The Jose Reyes Interview: Honest, Positive, and Hungry to Return

Reyes says he will be back to normal health come Spring Training

Matt from MetsBlog did an excellent recap of Mike Francesa’s Jose Reyes interview, which can be found here.

The audio can be heard on WFAN

Here’s my take on hearing Jose chat with Mike:

Reyes came across as a genuinely honest person who as a player wants nothing more than to win a championship and play everyday. Jose answered a few questions which really interested me. When Mike asked him about his relationship with Willie Randolph, he reacted pretty emotionally. He couldn’t seem to understand why people thought he and Willie had a bad relationship. He referred to Randolph as a “father figure” and someone who wanted him to be the best player he could be. That statement alone really got me on Reyes’ side. He continued to be honest and open over the course of the interview. Mike asked him what bothered him the most and he said that it was the fans sometimes not believing he was playing his hardest and also thinking he was not trying his hardest to come back to the field last season. What really caught me here was when Jose said he actually re-injured himself trying to rehab in time for the final three games.

His hunger to play and win were evident throughout the interview. He really comes across as one of those “gritty” and “tough” players the media were clamoring for during the debacle of 2009. Jose wants nothing more than to take the field everyday and to be a winner. His says his best moment as a Met was clinching the NL East in 2006. Clearly, he wants more.

Another moment in the interview when Reyes came across as a true Met was when Mike asked him about not being liked by the Phillies players. He said Jimmy Rollins was a good guy, and he didn’t understand why the other teams disliked his style of play. The Cardinals and Marlins were mentioned as “other teams.” He then turned back to the original topic  and told Mike that if he raises his hands to the sky after a home run, than Shane Victorino is guilty of being flashy as well. He, like many people, finds no rationale for Rollins, Victorino, Hamels, and other Phillies continuously focusing their energy on the Mets, even after winning the World Series in 2008. “They won, why do they still care about the Mets?” he said.

In summation, Reyes’ conversation with Francesa gives the listener an excellent picture of a player proud to be a Met and ready to prove the many doubters and disbelievers wrong in 2010. The Mets need to encourage more of their stars to speak publicly the way Francoeur and Reyes did today. From a PR standpoint, Reyes could have done a 180 for his image among Mets fans today. The mess of 2009 may have done more to light a fire under these Mets than 2007 and 2008 combined. What we heard today were two players who want nothing more than to take the field and win. If the clubhouse attitude is anything like the attitude of these two Mets, we are in for a better season than we may expect.


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