Mets should go all out to sign Aroldis “The Defector” Chapman

Chapman could be the Gooden of the '10's for the Mets

With the free agent pitching situation looking mediocre this offseason and with a BIG pitching class only a year away, I’m kind of surprised the Mets haven’t been bigger players in the Aroldis Chapman game. Even the Marlins are making big offers to the Cuban defector.

I honestly don’t see why the Mets don’t try and sign this guy and gamble on the future. The only thing they have to lose is cash. This team has not focused enough of its money on developing young talent over the years. What better time to turn things around? Chapman could be the ace of the future for all we know.

But what if he isn’t? What if he never pans out and languishes in the Mets farm system for 5 years? Well… what? With a free agent class of pitchers coming in 2011 that includes Josh Beckett , the Mets could potentially right the ship in one year. Patience is a virtue and Met fans need to exhibit more of it if they want to emulate the recent success of teams like the Yankees and Phillies.

Imagine if the Mets not only sign Chapman, but also snag Beckett in free agency next year. Assuming Aroldis needs 2 years in the minors, in 2012, our pitching rotation could look something like this:

  1. Santana (L)
  2. Beckett (R)
  3. Chapman (L)
  4. Pelfrey (R) (resigned for 3 years)
  5. Marquis (R) (entering last year of contract signed in 2010)

Granted, this is assuming a lot of things, and my creativity and lack of research for the potential 4 and 5 spots is pretty weak, but WOW that’s a World Series winning pitching rotation right there! Imagine sending Santana, Beckett, and Chapman out for a three game series. Yeah, I know, it has sweep written all over it.

Do the right thing Mets, sign Chapman and hope for the best. If the best isn’t good enough, spend in ’11 and ’12 on the numerous aces potentially available. (If Beckett doesn’t pan out, did I mention a 25 year old King Felix is a potential FA after the 2011 season?) There are plenty of outstanding pitching options available to spend on in the next two years. Why not take a risk this year on a 23 year old potential ace?


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