A tidbit on Mets uniforms…

The Mets Police have probably been critics of the black Mets uniforms since their debut in 1998. (Predating blogging I might add) I have been against them since 2000, once I got over the novelty of it. The combination of the ugly new “throwback” home jerseys and MP’s Blue Cap Army got me thinking… what Mets uniforms are my favorite? I will give you one home, one away, and one alternate style. All three to be worm with the classic blue Mets cap of course.

Home Jersey: I love the racing stripes, pinstripes, and sheer blue and orange overkill of the 1986 style jersey. The one authentic jersey I own is a David Wright 1986 style throwback the team wore in 2006. Definitely my favorite Mets jersey.

I love the 80's

Away Jersey: I love the plain gray away jersey the team wore in the 60’s, 70’s, and a few years in the 90’s. Basically keep the away jersey we have now, but eliminate the black shadows and wear blue hats and socks with it.

Classic look, with no black.

Alternate Home and/or Road: I go back to the 80’s/early 90’s for this one. The team used to wear a blue jersey with either white, gray, or orange lettering as a BP/alternate. Let’s bring that back. Nice and loud, it screams classic Mets.

If it ain't broke... keeping that 80's/90's vibe with the alternate.


3 thoughts on “A tidbit on Mets uniforms…

    • I’m kind of surprised they haven’t already come out with a blue alternate since the blue BP jerseys seem to sell so well and we already have 4 different game jerseys. Why not a 5th? hahaha

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