My Christmas gift. (I’m only putting it down to enjoy the fresh mountain air)

Light Reading for My Christmas Vacation in Vermont

So far so good on this Mets book I got for Christmas. The book is “The 1969 Miracle Mets” written by Steven Travers. Published this year, It focuses on the rise and successes of the ’69 team. It kind of reads the same way Jeff Pearlman’s “The Bad Guys Won” does. It sets the scene, illustrates the successful season, and describes the subsequent fall from grace.

I am currently on the chapter describing the acquisition and development of Tom Seaver. This book is a tremendous read for someone like me who was born into Met fandom and began following the team once I was old enough in the late 80’s. I never got to see the rise of someone like Seaver, or even Gooden for that matter. My connection to those players comes from the excellent writing of guys like Travers and Pearlman.

I recommend this read to all Met fans this offseason. We’ve become (rightfully so) an angry bunch after the debacles of the last three years. This book helps put things into perspective. It was fun in ’69, and it will be again! Tug said it in ’73… “Ya gotta believe!” 

Just a note that my writing will be a little infrequent until the new year, as I’ll be enjoying a vacation in Vermont. Speaking of… the snow is falling and there’s acres of woods that need to be explored in snowshoes.


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