Good job Minaya… but don’t stop now

After the aquistition of Jason Bay, a few of the local rags seemed to hint that Omar was looking to lock up Bengie Molina in the next few days also. I’m not as down on Molina as many other fans are. Yes, he could prove to be a hole in the lineup, but does everyone remember how much better Pelf, Maine, and Ollie pitched when they had a decent game calling catcher behind the plate? Molina is known to be great with pitchers. This is no knock to Omir Santos, who thrilled fans with late game heroics in an otherwise miserable 2009 season. But Molina seems to be part of the short term plan that Omar is following this offseason. The offer on the table is, I believe, a two year deal, which is the maximum number of years they should offer him due to his age and the inevitable rise of Josh Thole from the farm system.
The team is also publicly pursuing Joel Pineiro, but his asking price is astronomical for a pitcher of his skill set. I’ve said before the team should sign Aroldis Chapman and let him develop his control for a year or two in the minors. The low risk high reward aspect of Chapman’s game should be obvious to the front office. His asking price should be met and the team should look to the 2011 FA pitching class. As of now, Cliff Lee and Josh Beckett are tops on that list. Felix Hernandez tops the 2012 class. The Mets have done a great job exhibiting patience this offseason. Our pitching woes can be solved with a few good moves and a little more patience.

Can Bengie help Pelfrey, Maine, and Perez rediscover their "stuff?"


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