Class Act: Jason Bay

Jason Bay showed in today’s press conference why the Mets were so high on signing him. He responded very well to all questions asked of him and now just needs to prove himself on the field. I believe we fans will be thrilled with Bay’s play and attitude and he will become one of the saviors of the team this year. From his clubhouse presence to his ability to drive runs in, Bay will be an important Met in 2010.
A great moment in the press conference was Bay’s reactions to questions asked about the Peter Gammons “Beirut comment” and the uncertainty surrounding his physical due to a 2003 shoulder injury. He basically said he spoke to no one but the Mets and his agent at that point in December and that it just goes to show how the silence can breed misinformation in the media.
Here’s to an already better Met lineup in 2010 and to Omar’s continued diligence in upgrading this roster. Actually, Mike Francesa supposedly has some more exclusive Mets news to be delivered later this week, so it’s quite possible that more upgrades are happening as we blog.

Jason Bay-Ruit: Our New Left Fielder


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