Read: “Mets Can’t Reward the Weak Crop of 2nd Tier Starters”

Matthew Artus over at Always Amazin writes exactly what I’ve been thinking all offseason about the Mets pitching needs. Here’s the money quote: “If Minaya gives these pitchers multi-year deals just because he needs someone, he’s making the same mistake that he did last season with Oliver Perez. There’s a lot of slop out there in the free agency pool.” Click the link above to read more.

My thoughts exactly! Omar knows he got the shaft on the Oliver Perez deal. (Fool Omar twice shame on Omar…) There’s not much out there for what the current costs are and the Mets need to worry about saving for next year’s FA class! Glad my job isn’t on the line over these decisions! (wink, wink)

Worried about pitching Omar? SO ARE WE!


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