Mets Fan in the Waiting Room

What now? What do we fans do until pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie? Do we keep harping on the lack of pitching or the fact that Luis “Singles and Loving It” Castillo is still on the team? Now… now comes the hard part. Now we wait. There’s only a few weeks left before Spring Training begins and the final pieces seem to be falling in place. I trust that Bengie Molina will be forced to take the Mets contract offer in the very near future. I’m ok with that… but I have to wait. Ugh. I trust that Omar Minaya will do something to address the starting pitching, whether it be via trade or signing a free agent, but I still have to wait.

I spent the first part of the offseason waiting to see who our left fielder would end up being. Cut to 2010 and lo and behold… it’s Jason Bay. This isn’t an M. Night Shyamalan movie. There aren’t a bunch of ridiculous twists put in place to try and thrill me. Instead, I feel like I’m watching an episode of CSI. The predictability is laughable, the show thinks it’s being clever, and it’s on way too long to keep my attention. Cut to a week from now and Molina and a pitcher to be named will be given an introductory press conference while wearing their complimentary Mets and Rangers jerseys. (In Molina’s case, would it be a NY Red Bulls soccer jersey? I wouldn’t put it past Dave Howard to be that asinine.)

I love the fact that Omar is playing the market safe… but man is it boring. February can’t come soon enough. Then I get to wait for Opening Day. Thrilling.

Wait-wait-waiting for something exciting to happen.


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