Communication Breakdown

Dave Howard is slightly hairier than I last remember

As Mets fans have known for years… the idiots are running the asylum. It actually bothers me that I allow myself to be consumed by these media fiascos that the brain dead suits that run our poor team put out there for us. So far it looks like Omar Minaya did the right thing and gave Beltran his blessing on a procedure that, if Omar were a GM with actual autonomy, would have happened the first few days in December, when Carlos’ knee had worsened a second time. Jeff Wilpon is not free of my wrath just yet, but he was with Omar at the owner’s meetings at the time so he must’ve been on board with the decisions of Omar, Beltran, and two well-respected sports physicians.

The morons back in Flushing, however, continue to make a mockery of the Mets image.

They continue to show their ineptitude in running a baseball team let alone a business. I guarantee these assholes wouldn’t find another job in baseball if the Mets hadn’t hired them. How can one organization destroy everything it touches?  It must come from the top. I told you you weren’t free of my wrath just yet, Jeff.  Fred’s son is a moron, hires morons, promotes them to positions they would never come close to achieving elsewhere in their professional lives, then lets them run the moronic freak show they end up creating.

The entire world is in agreement that if the Mets handled these situations with class they wouldn’t create these PR Class 5 Hurricanes that seem to always be brewing around Flushing Bay. I guess the key word there is class, because the Mets front office has zilch. I take back a lot of what I said yesterday. Beltran had full blessing of the baseball minded people to go ahead with the surgery. Omar Minaya, who they hired to make these decisions, would’ve probably had Beltran get the procedure at least a month and a half ago. Then we’re possibly looking at Beltran’s return a month and a half sooner into the season! Regardless of how his knee holds up and how we replace his offensive firepower, he needed this done in order to play baseball! So instead, the front office tries to spin this their way publicly so they can recoup some of his contract? Good luck getting more high profile players to come here. You’ve screwed up this organization worse than if NBC owned the team.

It’s very clear keeping their leverage on the Bay signing had a lot to do with this injury cover up. It’s clear 2nd and 3rd opinions in our medical staff come from people with business degrees not medical degrees. Walk it off and rub some dirt on it is not always the answer, boys. This isn’t tee ball. Investing $100 million on a baseball player? Better trust the guys with M.D. attached to their name to keep them healthy.

Thank God for the actual players on our actual baseball team winning our hearts in any one of the magical seasons that seem to come by every now and again. Thank God for all the players on all the memorable teams that keep us coming back to the ballpark to hope… every year… that this is our season. Thank God for the sport of baseball. Thank God for the Mets.

Curse God for Dave Howard, Jeff Wilpon and the rest of the inmates of the Mets asylum for destroying year in and year out the team I love the most playing in the sport I love the most.

Just start playing the ball games already, before I join you all in your straightjackets and padded cells.


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