Blessing in disguise

This picture gave me an idea! Clone Ben Sheets. Pitch the first one for the first half of the season, then when he injures himself, wait til August to play the second one. This insures that we have Ben Sheets #2 for the playoffs.

Recently Mets beat writers have been up in arms over the non-acquisitions of Bengie Molina and Joel Pineiro. Rumor had it that the Mets were concentrating solely on acquiring those two players to fill their remaining holes. There’s no possible way Omar and co. could’ve had a “Plan B!” We’re done for! Clean house! Trade the core! Fire everyone! Sell the team!

I hope you all can read sarcasm.

So we didn’t sign an over the hill, overweight catcher and a second number 3 starter. First of all let’s push the idea of a trade with the Reds for Harang/Arroyo aside. Their asking price is at it’s highest right now due to them holding all the cards. Let’s revisit this further along in the season, when they may be more desperate to unload.

Now, while not exactly the cream of the crop, how will the Mets attack the remaining free agents? I see them bringing in Yorvit Torrealba for one year. If he won’t sign for a year, then I see the Mets sticking with Santos/Blanco. The coaching staff seems to be down on Santos’ ability to work with the pitchers. (On a side note: if this is the case, how to they expect Josh Thole to be ready next season since he only recently took up the catching position?) Torrealba would, in their minds, help the rotation. I happen to believe that you’ll get better offense out of Santos, so go with him until something better comes along.

In regards to pitching, the Mets should go hard after Ben Sheets, who has ridiculous upside. He is only asking for a year, pile on the incentives and beat out the Texas Rangers in acquiring this diamond in the rough. Worst case scenario, Sheets injures himself again. At least we can squeeze a few wins out of him before then. Every game counts. Best case scenario, he rebounds nicely, has a decent year, and the Mets look like playoff contenders with a legit number 2 starter. Innings eater and league average ERA holder Jon Garland is probably option #2 for the Mets, due to his numbers and consistency. Beyond that, the Mets should consider sticking with what they have, then making an in season move at Wang or Bedard. The only way I’d push a trade with the Reds for Harang/Arroyo is if we can somehow get Brandon Phillips in the deal. Seems pretty unlikely at this point. The options are slim and there are a lot of reclamation projects out there. Choose wisely, Omar.


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