The Mets seem to be taking a page from President Obama, and it is eerily similar to his 2008 campaign slogan. In regards to the remaining roster spots that need to be filled, the Mets are not aggressively pursuing remaining free agents. This is angering many in the Mets fanbase. Matt Cerrone and Joe Janish (great minds think alike) recently called for the Mets to learn from the Jets and adopt a team vision/identity. Omar claims that the Mets vision is “pitching and defense,” but I think this years’ team slogan should just be “Hope.”

The Mets have done nothing to address “pitching and defense” as their team identity. They have instead consistently tried to build an “American League” power lineup and failed. In the midst of building a top heavy lineup, they built a ballpark suited for small ball and pitching. But team identity crisis aside, to the average fan it would seem the Mets real issue is that they themselves are not really sure what they want. I say they do know what they want. Hope.

They want any and all risky moves they make to only show upside. And they believe in these moves, the same way they kept believing Ollie was going to turn into a consistent stud. They believe in these moves the same way they believe in the non-moves. Suddenly Omir Santos is the starting catcher and Josh Thole could be miraculously ready and fully trained to play in the bigs. Where did that come from? A week ago Bengie “My weight is consistently higher than my OBP” Molina was the man, and Santos wasn’t good enough for our pitchers. That’s Omar and the Mets hoping for the best.

What’s Omar’s reaction to the A’s landing Ben Sheets? Nieve and/or Niese are now good enough for our number five spot. You want to talk about hope, look at Omar’s pitching staff.

  • Johan – We hope he comes back as strong as he was before surgery. (Seriously not worried about him.
  • Ollie – We hope he can regain his previous form. (aka a glimpse of brilliance followed by walking the bases loaded and a grand slam)
  • Pelf – We hope he can find his 2008 stuff. (This is one guy, along with Johan, that I believe will come back stronger this season)
  • Maine – More hoping for past success and no injury.
  • Nieve/Niese – Hope (and pray) for consistency

If they land one of the remaining FA’s: Garland, Washburn, Wang, or current front runner John Smoltz, they will have to hope that said pitcher can throw a consistent 200 innings.

I believe Omar is hoping for the best with the lineup and pitching staff he has assembled so far. We all better hope this turns out in November 2010 like it did for Obama in November 2008.

Obama's "National League team" is the Mets


4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. “Hi Omar, it’s me, Ruben. Yeah, the Real Deal. Listen, I want to rescue David Wright from that bastion of failure and bad Hispanic music. …Yes, I am part hispanic, it’s terrible music… I’ll give you Juan Castro, a half dozen cheesesteaks, and part time use of one of our NL Championship banners. Just think it over. I’ll take Jason Bay off your hands too, just cause I feel bad for the guy.”

  2. Ruben would be the perfect GM for the Mets. As a mythical Mexican Jew (rarer then a Honus Wagner baseball card) he is the only man who would be capable of communicating with all the players and their agents/owners at the same time. We’ll sell him to you for that old toilet the centerfield apple used to bob up and down in.

    • All joking aside, they may actually run him out of Philly in the next few years the way he’s got the payroll headed north of NYM/Boston. (2010: 25 players: 135 million, 2011: 15 players, same 135 million, etc.) He’s built a win now team out of Pat Gillick’s long term efficiency formula of “60% homegrown 30% free agent 10% trade” Perhaps, when Amaro’s traded for the Mets’ “toilet,” as you so eloquently call it, the Phanatic can give him an adios swirley in it. But you’re right, at least he can communicate with both player *and*agent. Could’ve helped us avoid Kneegate.

  3. Booben’s blowing up the payroll. It’s not all together his fault given that the core’s contracts were going to push the payroll well above 100 million. But your point is well taken. They won’t have a payroll less than 150 next year and I’m including losing Jason Werth in that projection. It was my biggest issue with the Halladay trade. They gave up two guys, Taylor (I loved him) and Drabek, who were likely contributers at a low cost. Taylor would have plugged right in for Werth. Ahh well, hard to complain about Halladay.

    70 million comes off the books after 2011 but that’s in the form of Howard, Rollins and Ibanez. We have a replacement for Ibanez but the leadership and sheer run production of Rollins and Howard will be difficult to address. I really can’t see Howard resigning. I think the Red Sox may be in the market by then and the Phils can’t reasonably afford such a potentially expensive player, but we’ll see. Good problems to have.

    As for the Mets, I love Omar’s gift to Perez. And I have to say I’m a little surprised how disinterested some players seem to be in signing with the Mets. Do you think hitters are that afraid of Citi Field? Maybe what happened to David Wright scared them off.

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