Finding my voice…

I wrote a new “About” page for Home Run Apple. It’s about finding a voice for this blog in its infancy. I copied and pasted it below. Thanks for the support in the early months of this blog!

Welcome to Home Run Apple, a Mets fan blog. It’s named after the fan favorite big apple that rises from the outfield after a Met home run. The fans made themselves heard when they found out that the beloved apple was not originally migrating from Shea to Citi Field. The Mets listened to the vocal fanbase and a new apple was constructed in centerfield. Fortunately, the old apple also survived and sits on display in the Bullpen Gate.

Now, on to the bread and butter. What is my goal for this blog’s content? Considering Home Run Apple is only a few months old, honestly… I’m still finding my voice. I’m finding more and more that I enjoy writing commentaries and opinion pieces. I don’t enjoy posting “news” because a million other Mets, baseball, and general sports blogs and websites already do that. People aren’t coming to my blog to read breaking Mets news, so why get involved? I also really HATE posting filler material. I took advice from a few successful bloggers to try to post everyday. Doing that helps hold readers’ attention and keeps them anticipating and coming back for more. Filler accidently became the net result of that.

A successful Mets blogger contacted me a few weekends ago to let me know he found an opinion piece I wrote to be a good read and that my passion for the team was evident throughout. I was proud and now think I may have found my strength. My new goal has become to emulate pieces like that one. Not the negativity per-se, but I will work on getting good quality material ready to post for the majority of the week. I’ll run with this for awhile and see where it takes me. It should become a lot easier once they start actually playing games.

So thank you to all who read and visit Home Run Apple. Comments on improvements are always welcome. I like to know what I’m doing right and what can be scrapped.

Enjoy the content and Let’s Go Mets!


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