What I Want in the New Mc Fadden’s (Spoiler Alert: Unlikely to Occur)

Citi Field is getting a bar. Not just any bar. A bar that will be accessible from inside and outside the stadium. I’ve been to the Mc Fadden’s at Citizens Bank Park numerous times for Mets-Phillies games and it’s pretty sick being able to get into the bar from outside the stadium. This will no doubt be one of the great additions to Citi Field this season. What it will be and what it could be are two totally different things however.

This past October, I was in Boston for a college reunion pub crawl and my friend who was organizing it mentioned that one of our stops would be a bar in Fenway Park’s centerfield. I thought he was yanking my chain. Apparently not. The bar is in fact located in the wall in centerfield and has a view of the field through a garage door and a screen. The door is open on non game days and closed on game days with the telecast of the game projected on it. This is done to insure that patrons of the bar do not need tickets to the game to enjoy the company of their fellow fans. Below are pictures of The Bleacher Bar to better illustrate the awesomeness of it. The captions provide a little extra detail.

The Bleacher Bar is accessible from right outside Fenway Park.

Here's the view through the open garage door. Sick.

Here's a picture to give you an idea of how close you are to the warning track. It also gives you a better idea of what the screen looks like. While not the most picture friendly screen in the world, like most things, it's better in person.

Here's a shot of the actual bar.

Now I understand that there is a Modell’s club or something like that in right field that has a similar screen view of the field at actual playing field level. Most fans can’t afford that due to the tickets. The Bleacher bar allows access for all fans, much like Mc Fadden’s will in Citi Field. The system of door closed on game days, door open on off days allows all fans to enjoy the thrill of standing in the outfield of their favorite team’s ballpark. The Mets are reportedly putting their Mc Fadden’s in left field. The possibility of Fenway-type window is there, but the actual execution of the idea is unlikely.

Well, that’s ok, at least they got the idea of a bar right. Either way it’s a win for the Mets and their fans.


4 thoughts on “What I Want in the New Mc Fadden’s (Spoiler Alert: Unlikely to Occur)

  1. Well, the way/when Fenway was built sorta dictates that there is room (or no room) to do this. the Monster is that high because it had to be. That’s why the Bar fits like that.

    Will Citi do the same? probably not. There is already storage under the seats (http://picasaweb.google.com/ceetar/Citifield#5319529937807948898)
    so I’m not sure the bar would even fit there. I think it’ll be depressed back from there, sorta under where the LF ramp is.

    As for what I want? Coors tests experimental beers on Rockies fans. How cool would it be if like Brooklyn Brewery sent experimental beers to this place?

    • Yeah, this was bit of a stretch, but a fun post nonetheless. Nice pictures by the way!

      Brooklyn test brews would keep me coming to the games. hahaha. Someone tell the Wilpons!

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