It’s back

Today marks the official start of Spring Training (even though many Mets have been in Florida for over a week already) and with it comes renewed optimism and expectations.

As Adam Rubin reported yesterday, David Wright’s leadership is finally showing itself. Yes, his statement is filled with cliches from the Derek Jeter school of interviewing, but part of his statement gets me fired up and shows me his head is in the right place. He states, “I hope it’s the embarrassment of last year. I hope it’s the not being able to close the last two years before that. That’s enough motivation without having to play that underdog role.” That’s right David. Avenge the misery of 2007-2009!

Even if the Met-hating mainstream media thinks our boys are not much better than last year’s 70 wins, one Phillies blogger (Macho Row) is looking forward to actual competition from the Mets this year. While seeing a fully recovered Jose Reyes hit his first triple was tops on my 2010 list, now I have to think that maybe seeing Santana pitch against Halladay could be the big draw of April. Oh yeah, and Metsblog links to Kevin Burkhardt’s tweet about the best pitcher in the NL East. Spoiler: Not a Phillie.


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