While comparisons to 1980’s “Miracle on Ice” are completely unwarranted, the Americans’ win over Canada last night will go down as one of the all time great hockey games. The list is seemingly endless on why this game should be considered nothing more than a ho-hum win. It was not an elimination game, both sides were loaded with NHL talent, and Marty Brodeur had a less than Brodeur night. But the sheer determination, drive, and hunger that the Americans showed last night willed them to succeed against against a mighty Canadian team led by Sid Crosby and Marty Brodeur. This was a Canadian team that outplayed the Americans, but with a few pucks sliding past the great Brodeur and Ryan Miller standing on his head for 60 minutes of play, the Americans were able to pull off an inspiring upset. They earned a much deserved number one seed and bye. They could see the Canadians again this coming Sunday, but the stakes will be much, much higher. A win over Canada in the gold medal game would cement the status of the 2010 American hockey team as one of the best… ever.


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