“Blue Hat tip” to Mets on pre-sale.

I have to give props to the Mets on their single game ticket pre-sale today. Thanks to a tip from Mets Police, I was able to see it coming a week or two in advance.

The Mets sent me an email towards the end of last week letting me know I could buy my tickets early. Nice, it was true! This morning, they sent me yet another reminder about today’s pre-sale. Aggressive marketing? Yes. But to a fan who wanted the tickets anyway, it was classy and convenient.

The first game I tackled was the August 1st, Hall of Fame game. This is the game I want to see the most this year. I relish the opportunity to see the pre-game ceremonies, and also the chance to see Gooden and Strawberry get the stadium as loud as it gets when Feliciano fans Utley, Howard, and Werth 1-2-3 in the 8th.

I was able to get 6 seats together in section 520, which is the “promenade infield reserved” section. These seats shaded more towards third base than home plate, and I wanted to see if I could get closer to the dish. I called up the ticket office and a very kind ticket rep helped me by searching through each section that was directly behind home plate. Alas, they were all sold out, so I stuck with section 520. But nice work by the ticket rep going through all the sections with me, all while I hurried him along due to the timer on my online ticket hold ticking down ever so quickly.

The other games I got early are:

Saturday, April 10th 1:10pm vs. Nat-inals

Saturday, May 8th 1:10pm vs. Giants

Saturday, June 5th 4:10pm vs. Marlins

Saturday, September 11th 4:10pm vs. Phillies

With each of these other four games I got, I was able to sit much more centered on home plate in the same Infield reserved section. The best part about these tickets? I can still stand and watch the game from field level if I want.

I’ll be taking the lady to all the games since she and I were 4-0 last season at Citi. Now, I’m not a stat guy, but I’ll conjure up that this “stat” gives us a combined WAR of +4 in ’09! Wow! Four wins above replacement! We’re almost as good as Wright and Santana!


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