Apples and Outs for 4/19/10

Last week’s road trip contained glimmers of hope and plenty of negatives. I’m pretty excited since I’ll be going to the Saturday afternoon game against the Braves and I’ll finally get to see the improvements to Citi Field. Here’s hoping for sun, warm weather, and a Mets “W.”

And now without further ado… this week’s Home Run Apples and Warning Track Outs:

Home Run Apples:

  • Mike Pelfrey… Holder of a 2-0 record and a shutout performance against the Rockies. Oh yeah, and a save in the 20 inning marathon. It might be early, but I’d like to be the first to say, welcome back Big Pelf.
  • The inevitable call up of Ike Davis… This kid isn’t the savior of the season, but he is sure to put up better offensive numbers than Mike Jacobs. The future is now. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a long and successful 1B tenure.

Warning Track Outs:

  • John Maine… He threw nearly 100 pitches by the 4th inning last night. You can see the frustration on his face. I feel bad for him, but maybe some bullpen work can help him find his 2007 mojo.
  • Mets bats… Three innings against position players and you can only get 2 runs?!?! Thanks to the players pulling their weight right now (Jeff Francouer) but what an embarrassment! At least they looked like they were having fun in the dugout, which is something last year’s team sorely lacked. If they can put together their offense, they can be successful. The pitching is starting to come together. Ollie looked awesome even in Friday’s loss. The offense just couldn’t back up his performance. We need our bats to keep us in games. Our rotation and bullpen are doing their job. If the bats wake up, you’re looking at weeklong winning streaks. This team is better than it’s W-L record.

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