Apples and Outs 5/3/10

I’m only hitting on two points today. Otherwise, I’m holding my breath in anticipation of a bounce-back against the Reds tonight. (please!)

Home Run Apples
-D. Wright continues to bomb Citizens Bank Park… series loss aside, David Wright found his power stroke in Philly, and he should continue “knocking those home runs over the waaaaaall” over the next three games at Great American Ballpark, the best hitters’ park in the majors.

Warning Track Outs
– Santana’s rough outing… He’s allowed to have a bad night, but the cards were stacked in favor of the Mets for this series. Jamie Moyer gets bombed early and Santana gets handed a 3 run lead only to suffer an Oliver Perez-like meltdown on national TV. Here’s hoping he has a bounce-back game at home against the Giants this weekend. I’m scheduled to be in attendance and Santana owes us a win after the worst game in his professional career.


7 thoughts on “Apples and Outs 5/3/10

  1. Thank Johan and Mike ‘Pelferized’ for waking up our bats for us. They were a little sleepy after a shot of Lincecum, but look like they’re right back to normal.

  2. I’m pretty confident with our offense, but I’m worried about the pitching staff. We should do well against the Reds, but who knows who John Maine is going to pitch tonight. I think he really needs to have a good outing because another bad outing can really hurt the spirit of the team. Charlie Manuel said he noticed that Santana’s velocity is down from last year which is not good.

  3. Correction: We will see how John Maine pitches tonight. Hopefully he continues from where he left off his last outing.

  4. Wow, I’m out of it. I tried to make a correction and still put the wrong thing. Oliver Perez pitches tonight and hopefully he does well. I think he’s the key to the series.

    • It’s a shame that Ollie was able to pitch well and the Mets still couldn’t get that extra run home. At least Maine gave us a solid effort too. Well, that and Barajas’ 9th inning blast. Rare for the Mets to win on a 9th inning HR. That’s what the Phillies do. haha.

  5. so much for pounding cincy, but they play well at home, so time to play well again..Divisional road trip afterwards which if played well, can keep them near, or above, the top of the division.

    The next home stand after this one is almost a gimme with the Yanks and Phils, so it won’t be until early June against Florida and San Diego before we find out if the Mets are again drawing fans in.

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