Apples and Outs 5/11/10

“If Blanco hits a home run here, I’m walking back to Manhattan,” Said the man sitting behind me in top of the 11th inning of a windy (but very sunny) saturday afternoon game.

Moments later I got to experience my first walk off homer at Citi Field, and only the second for the Mets since its opening last season.

Coming from such an unlikely source, (back up catcher) last Saturday’s walk off win is tops on my “Home Run Apples” list. And how fitting it is that the top Apple is actually a Met home run. Since it would be terrible karma, I won’t reveal my all time Citi Field record at this moment, but let’s just say I’m looking forward to my next scheduled game on June, 5th.


1) As explained above, Blanco’s walk off and our section’s rowdy celebration in the stands. Nice to have a “Shea Moment” at the new park.

2) Mike Piazza’s quote about his years with the Mets. Mets Police does a summary and links to the actual Times article.

3) Ike Davis staying hot. Power and offense when we need it most. We like Ike!

4) Chris Carter up. Frank Catalanatto down. Now if we can just rid ourselves of GMJ and Ollie… then we’re talking.


1) Ollie walking practically the entire Giants’ roster on Sunday. He’s already in Aaron Heilman territory, let’s see if he gets to Bonilla-levels of hate before he’s gone.

2) Met bullpen implosions. All weekend long the Mets bullpen did something it hasn’t really done much of all season… blown leads. Our formerly stellar ‘pen allowed us to experience the thrill of back to back walk off wins. But the inevitable happened, that magical hit never came, and the Mets lost the chance to sweep the Giants. Ollie blamed the wind. The ‘pen will simply redeem itself through actual talent. Maturity, folks.

3) The fear that next week’s list will be lopsided on the “Outs” side. Opening the week with a close loss to the Nats ain’t the best way to get our hopes up. At least we’re still playing over .500.


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