Harvey-John Surgery

As a Mets-first baseball blog, I am compelled to share my thoughts on Matt Harvey electing to have TJ surgery on his elbow. Harvey came to this decision on his own. He came to it before even heading to Port St. Lucie to begin a throwing program aimed at seeing where his arm stability stood.
Do I think the front office had a huge part in this seemingly independent decision by Harvey? Absolutely. The team projects plans wants to truly compete for a championship in 2015 and beyond. Matt’s recovery time would slot him back in the rotation right in time for 2015 Spring Training.
It’s a tough call to make. There is a slim chance Harvey’s elbow holds up for years before fully tearing (exhibit A: Adam Wainwright) and he could pitch and pitch until he finally blows it out completely.
But Captain David Wright brought up a completely pragmatic and reasonable point. The thought of his elbow rupturing will be in the back of Harvey’s mind until it finally happens. As a competitor, that could severely hurt his confidence and strip him of the “edge” he held this season over the National League.
Did Harvey make the right call? We can only hope. A common theme among Mets fans throughout the past five decades, but it’s all we have right now. While he likely won’t be 2013 CY candidate Matt Harvey in 2015 when he returns, his competitiveness, talent, and overall demeanor project a return to greatness shortly after returning.
And what do we want more than anything as Mets fans? A championship obviously. One fueled by Matt Harvey’s electric arm would truly be icing on the cake.
See you in 2015 Matt.


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